Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frisky feline

All right.

First of all, I regret that I don't make time to update my blog. And second of all, I have this feeling of mixed indescribable EMOTIONS whirling around in my stomach like leftovers in a garbage disposal. 

What I want to say is....
we face obstacles in our lives 
a bit here and there whether 
its work or studying or friends 
or parents or siblings or 
our own selves. 
Or it could be a problem 
with our favourite 
plants or a pet!

As a matter of fact, I am going through a CHALLENGING time raising my pet. Which is an 8-month-old kitty, which currently looks more like an adult cat rather than a little kitty. Anyhow, it is a chubby-fluffy-long haired-playful tom. Great huh? You'll know better if you meet it! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Never-ending Terrorism

Glory be to Allah, Who created the entire universe and all mankind.

I am one of millions of Muslims living in this world. I believe in Islam for it is the inborn religion, which is divinely reveals from Allah as GUIDANCE to mankind.

Islam is a religion that
commands to peace,
practices good qualities,
rejects injustice and
 prevents evil deeds.
I am sure, that all religions
established by their founders
are based on pure purposes.
 But, the foundations of
those religions are
according to their own ways,
 not from the guidance of Allah,
 the Lord of the Universe.

Upon seeing the ATROCITIES committed against Muslims around the world, I wonder, why would they do those unacceptably cruel and INHUMAN things to these people?

Watching Muslims in Myanmar killed and tortured, it makes me wonder... is not Buddhism a religion that calls for personal development with good morals? Does Buddhism teach you to kill people of other religions?

And WHY specifically MUSLIMS??

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Egypt Election

Assalamualaikum, you guys!

It's going to be the 
final phase for the 
election in Egypt next 
16th June 2012. Well I heard that somewhere. 
Whether you are in Egypt 
or not, I have the 
feeling that you have 
to know about the
most important event 
which is going 
take place here, 
perhaps it would change the world.

I've done some verbal survey...uhm..that is another way of saying 'I asked a few people I met' about their opinion for both candidate Dr. Muhammad Mursi and Ahmad Shafeeq. And it turned out great...for me. By GREAT, I mean I almost want myself to be part of the nation and go for the election crossing the candidate I want!

Okay, that is not so going to happen.

Also, I kind of diffuse myself in this topic. Whenever I hire a taxi, I'd have something to talk about rather than a boring under the sun taxi ride. I have to admit that my Arabic is not so well but at least I can open a moderate conversation.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Office hours

Now I want to nag, nag, nag 
and blab and babble 
all I want!

Not really but....uhm...
Just stay with me, OK?

I think you already realize 
that in here, Egypt all the 
offices closes at 0002 PM. 
Including the banks, schools offices, universities offices 
and I'm pretty sure all those governments offices too. And I totally DISAGREE with such thing! I mean....I'm open to accept that school offices can be closed at 0002 PM, because they are SCHOOLS! But please...I'm stressing myself out because the office in the university I'm studying closes at such hour. 

How come? Look, we students have classes from as early as 0008 AM and some end even at 0004 PM. And if we want to settle down things at the OFFICE, we have to skip a class. This is unacceptable for me...cause I DESPERATELY want to keep a clean record for my attendance! Luckily, my Paediatric round starts at 0830 AM everyday and supposed to end at 0001 PM. Which we don't usually ends our class exactly when the clock struck ONE! Logically, I would still have another extra half an hour either before my class starts or after my class ends. However, it turns out that my brilliant idea would never work. Because I used to wait for the front door of the office to fling open at 8 AM and then I got bored.

I'm so sick of it, I could just SCREAM!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The gifts-list

Alhamdulillah and special thanks to all my birthday wishers! 

I mean...really REALLY special. 
It was not only that you 
remembered my birthday instead
 your wishes and PRAYERS
 really touched my heart. 
It did not matter what you call
 me...any nicknames you
 give me whether it is Along or Koari
or Aryana or Shazzy or VO or...or. 
You'll put a smile on my face. 
And I really look drop dead 
GORGEOUS when I smile!

It is impossible for me to make a list of appreciation to all of my family and friends throughout the world. But I need you to know that I'm really thankful for all your words of courage. You know, because of you all I had the most amazing, colourful life. Sometimes fun, sometimes exciting, sometimes desperate, sometimes shocking. It's a life you can't imagine anyone else leading. Only EXCLUSIVELY me!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Yesterday I was really sad.
I don't know if that
particular word suited my feeling
but it was frustrating.
I was crying my heart out.
I received loads of encouragement from my fellow friends.
But I found myself returning 
back my fluctuating sadness.

It was a huge matter that I couldn't tell you. Cause if you know the whole story, you'd be downhearted too. Well, that's if your 'iman' is not so strong, like me I'd say. Yes, I was weak that time, and still is. And so, I wouldn't tell you about the subject I was whining about. Because to solve that problem, they happened to appear fixing them. Fix them on the SURFACE but don't go to the root. Because it gave me a heartsick, I was feeling blue.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Minna-sama, tadaima!

I haven't been updating this blog
for centuries. The only logical
explanation was that I must have
studied so much for the last
few weeks of last year. By last year
I mean a couple of DAYS ago.
Happy new year 2012, minna-sama!

Frankly speaking, I have a myriad
of things to tell you this moment.
Seriously! But since my mind is still
tired from the tortures of
previous weeks, I'd like to keep this
entry leisure. Certainly it doesn't mean
that I'm on vacation or anything because
I still have Radiology End Round Exam
waiting for me at the end of the week.
And that makes me suffer every week
of Special Internal Medicine.
Don't let me start on THAT story!