Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Farewell my Teja

It has been 1 week since I lost my baby girl, Tun Teja. Sweet child o mine. I missed you a lot, girl.

Teja was an estimated 4 months old kitty when I found her. A young school girl was holding her in arms. Not letting go. She had a sad face so i walked up to the girl. "Mom doesn't want me to keep her anymore. Could you keep her with you?" I took the kitty without second thought. Bring up to my room. Get the car key and sped to buy available baby kitty food and every essential things for my newly adopted girl.

She was a sweet girl. She instantly became cosy with the environment. I fell in love her immediately. She followed me everywhere. Climbed up my shoulders and sat there like a birdy.

That very night, she fell from window pane of my apartment in 12th floor. As I found her....I hold her body close. Cried on the spot. Took her home. Sat on the floor, couldn't move a limb. "Teja love...wake up Teja...breath baby....breath..." She was gone. Already gone. I bathed her last bath. Wrapped her in my towel. And gave her my last hug and kiss. After 2 hours of crying...I layed her down in earth and buried her. That night I cried till morning.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I am NOT feeling great. I just got a message from somebody WARNING me about my lousy life.

It says, "Don't just read NOVELS. Find some knowledge and religious materials to read too."

So.....OK. I have a lousy life.
Honey, let me tell you.

Yes, I highlight my life  is JUST all about cats, english novels and some non-worth-it paintings. Those are my ESCAPISM. Because of these little things, I survive my MEDS-SCHOOL. Not to mention Mom's prayers and effort and all. They are DIFFERENT categories. I mean how could you condemn someone else's hobby? How JUVENILE is that?

And now that I'm working...of whatever my job is in Ampang Hospital....I need some escapism too. My job, I don't have the slightest dream that you guys would understand. I don't even want to TALK about this job in front of you guys. Its not that I hate y'all, but I can't trust ME myself.

I am not being exaggerating. Its the same thing if I tell you to stop playing soccer or futsal in your free time, isn't it? Well then, I rephrase this again....

I own a cat. That cat is the dearest to me more than anything.
I read novels since teens. By Sidney Sheldon, Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsella.
I paint. Some not-so-artistic-but-i-enjoy the paintings.

Because to tell you that I own books of Fiqh Manhaji, I learn from Haza Halal wa Haza Haram, I enter classes for kitab Al-Wajiz, I read Syamail Muhammadiah, Tarbiyyah Awlad, La Tahzan etc etc that would be too MAINSTREAM.