Saturday, June 9, 2012

Egypt Election

Assalamualaikum, you guys!

It's going to be the 
final phase for the 
election in Egypt next 
16th June 2012. Well I heard that somewhere. 
Whether you are in Egypt 
or not, I have the 
feeling that you have 
to know about the
most important event 
which is going 
take place here, 
perhaps it would change the world.

I've done some verbal survey...uhm..that is another way of saying 'I asked a few people I met' about their opinion for both candidate Dr. Muhammad Mursi and Ahmad Shafeeq. And it turned out great...for me. By GREAT, I mean I almost want myself to be part of the nation and go for the election crossing the candidate I want!

Okay, that is not so going to happen.

Also, I kind of diffuse myself in this topic. Whenever I hire a taxi, I'd have something to talk about rather than a boring under the sun taxi ride. I have to admit that my Arabic is not so well but at least I can open a moderate conversation.