Saturday, April 14, 2012

The gifts-list

Alhamdulillah and special thanks to all my birthday wishers! 

I mean...really REALLY special. 
It was not only that you 
remembered my birthday instead
 your wishes and PRAYERS
 really touched my heart. 
It did not matter what you call
 me...any nicknames you
 give me whether it is Along or Koari
or Aryana or Shazzy or VO or...or. 
You'll put a smile on my face. 
And I really look drop dead 
GORGEOUS when I smile!

It is impossible for me to make a list of appreciation to all of my family and friends throughout the world. But I need you to know that I'm really thankful for all your words of courage. You know, because of you all I had the most amazing, colourful life. Sometimes fun, sometimes exciting, sometimes desperate, sometimes shocking. It's a life you can't imagine anyone else leading. Only EXCLUSIVELY me!

Well when it comes to MY BIRTHDAY...I might want to give some case you were thinking of a present for me! I used to get teddies and still...and I have lots of teddies. Apparently they sat all over my bed and Mom said that I should ARRANGE AND PLACE them in a huge teddy box that my sister bought for me. My Mom, aside from giving me teddies she also gave me crystal brooches. I really like those Ozel brooches. The sad story day I lost one of my favourite crystal brooch. It was an amethyst brooch and it had a hook so you could even wear it as a locket. I was restless that I called my Mom crying over a lost brooch!

Next I love cakes and chocolates! 
That is why my doctor asked me
 to lose my CURRENT WEIGHT. 
However, eventhough Pn. Iman- my married housemate knew this fact, 
she said...
"It's OK...It is just once a year you cant get to eat a whole cake!" 
And she bought a huge mouth watering 
ice-cream cake from Chocola 
and we ate that cake that NIGHT. 
Also Kak Ella, 
our Assistant Head of the Class...
made me a Carrot Cake! 

Another thing I prefer for my birthday is a book as a present! When I was a kid, my Mom used to presented me with books. When I started reading at the age of four, she bought me a set of 'My Bear's Counting House'. The next year I got a set of expensive Fairy Tales hard covers. When I turned six, she read to me a set of 'Siri Binatang Syurga' that she bought. I also got another big hard cover fairy tales with more stories the next year. I may be not going to list down all the books she gave because to count each of would be a lot! Hence, friends giving me books as presents are dear to my heart! I really like it when my friends gave a book as a present whether a book to read or a book to write!

Now, my most loved 
birthday gift is......
Believe me, when I get 
a birthday card, I feel 
extremely happy that 
deep down inside me 
I am jumping up and down 
and doing my snoopy 
'happy dance'. 

I don't know......but I feel are priceless. May be because I can save the memory much more longer...I guess. Uhm...there was a 'modified birthday card' I received from Pka Nawi. It was a bottle of star pills..with instruction on it. It said that I only can take the pills once a day and extra dose when I feel upset. During consuming my dose, I have to unfold a star.....and I'd find couraging words in each of the star!

However, perhaps if you are thinking of buying me an i-phone or an i-pad or a DSLR or another fluffy bushy cat, I'll be accepting the presents with an open heart and hands!

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in his authentic hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari:تهادوا، تحابو"ا,"
Give gifts and you shall love one another.-Sahih al-Bukhari.

Genuinely thanking,
Beloved family (for their eternal love)
Aishah (never missed a card for me)
Yna Ina (easy going buddy since ages)
Naim (the bestest buddy since teen)
Fazzy (closest partner in Egypt)
Kak Ji (cutest sister ever)
Laie and DJ (korean geeks)
Syed and Hafiq (for continuous support)
Wessam (smartest girl from Alex)
Selime Coşkun (for a touching birthday song)
Sarah Hasin (sweet and lovely card)
Husna Abu Bakar
Mira Noh
Pn. Athirah
Badar 313 mates- Pn. Iman, Shahirani, Farah
Bait Ateeq mates- K. Husna, Huda, Wani, Tah
Rumah Kami mates- Melly, Fashy, Sherry, Amry
My SC sisters
Naimian mates
6th year mates
5th year mates
And all of you.
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