Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Minna-sama, tadaima!

I haven't been updating this blog
for centuries. The only logical
explanation was that I must have
studied so much for the last
few weeks of last year. By last year
I mean a couple of DAYS ago.
Happy new year 2012, minna-sama!

Frankly speaking, I have a myriad
of things to tell you this moment.
Seriously! But since my mind is still
tired from the tortures of
previous weeks, I'd like to keep this
entry leisure. Certainly it doesn't mean
that I'm on vacation or anything because
I still have Radiology End Round Exam
waiting for me at the end of the week.
And that makes me suffer every week
of Special Internal Medicine.
Don't let me start on THAT story!

It happened when we all had to cramp our days by the extremely short course of each branch of IM department. Well, it's fine to have Dermatology or Tropical Medicine course for one week but I think it's a little TOO MUCH for department like Chest or Cardiology.

Even the lecturers repeatedly said that. "These are too much for a short time. You have to complain to the Dean of the faculty."

Not to mention the case takings. With hospital of such condition I would not want to picture it for you. Plus, the language barrier..especially while in Cardiology Wards. Mostly of medical staff were uncooperative except for one doctor that we called 'Doktor Kacak aka Doctor Handsome'. First of all, because he was good-looking and always put a smile on his face. Second of all, because he never turned us down even when we were tailing him, asking those and these. But he was not always on schedule, that's the PROBLEM!

Yeah, I disagree with the torture but....WE have to do the complain?

OK. Forget that.

Honestly, I went escaping just
the day after Chest End Round Exam.
I dragged along Sis Samihah.
To Alex. Primarily, I needed
to sort things out with MARA.
Secondarily, I needed a real escape!
I was very PLEASED that
I went all the way out to Iskandariah.
 Because I got to meet my lovely 'unni' Wessam-shi!

It had been a long long long time since I hadn't meet her. Finally we met that evening at San Stefano. I started screaming and jumping up and down and hugging her. I admitted that I was so EXCITED, my eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets. I mean, she too was excited, but not THAT excited! Still, I didn't care!

Wessam, Sis Samihah and me. We were telling stories about each other regarding study..life..Korean..and ALL! She consulted me on dealing with Egyptian patients and I really enjoyed being around her. She is like my sister in Egypt (cause she is a year elder, that's why I called her unni).She speaks English well. She is able to keep our friendship even though we have not meet for ages. And she is a drop dead Korean series fanatic! We share lots of things in common. Arasso! Except for, she is beautiful and very lovely. She even walked us to MARA Hostel saying she wanted to spend more time with us. How lovely!

Ack! Wasureteta!
Before the meeting,
earlier that afternoon,
Sis Sammy and I were loitering
throughout San Stefano.
We went for lunch at Manchow Wok,
went window shopping and
sightseeing leisurely. Consequently,
she ended up with handbags from Club Aldo,
while me with a new pair of Adidas shoes!

Hey, I really want to tell you that I saw a unique scene at San Stefano! That time it was approaching Jumaah Prayer. And you know what? The workers, they started setting up partitions and spreading mats for praying...simply on the floor WITHIN the shopping complex. I mean, in Malaysia there were so much obstacle to pray. Like, you have to pray JUST in 'proper' places like masjids, not on the pavement, not by the roadside, not by the seaside.

Additionally for women, you MUST have to wear 'mukena' or 'telekung' or praying clothes to perform prayer. Or in Egypt they call it 'izdal'. Once I prayed in my daily attire because I was out on town that day, and people behind me they were like.."She is praying without the praying garment. Oh, my! Is it actually accepted?"

Oh? So your prayer will be accepted according to wearing the special wear for praying? C'mon..that is so OLD! I understand, we have to wear clean clothes to perform prayer and the best clothes Rasulullah had described in one of his noble hadith is white garments. However, it is not specific to only 'mukena'. Think about other countries...do they wear same clothes as Asians? Does Allah not accept their prayers? You answer. 


Islam is not that hard.
In fact, Islam is easy to follow.
Pray everywhere good places
as you want, cause the world is Allah's.
Wear whatever you like,
as long as it aligns with the
dress code Allah bestows on us.
Indeed I was so captured
by such scene as it made
my heart whispered,
"Subhanallah! Islam is practical and easy."

Let us not make things complex. Rasulullah (PBUH) reminded us in his ahadith:

Make things easier for others and don't make them difficult. And give good tidings to them and don't create hatred (against religion) in them.
(Narrated by al- Bukhari, no: 69)

When the Prophet used to be presented with two options, he would choose the easier of the two.
(Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal: 24890)

Before I stop, I want so much to let you know that I went to Montazah again! This time cycling under the winter rain in Alexandria. Fortunately for me as I LOVE rain. Unfortunately, it rained all day long that made us went back to Tanta soaked!
Islam is not the way of life that is complex or difficult.
Rather it is the human being who practices Islam
who often makes it difficult - and then complexity
overtakes him so that eventually he is unable
to cope with even the simplest of tasks.
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