Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Office hours

Now I want to nag, nag, nag 
and blab and babble 
all I want!

Not really but....uhm...
Just stay with me, OK?

I think you already realize 
that in here, Egypt all the 
offices closes at 0002 PM. 
Including the banks, schools offices, universities offices 
and I'm pretty sure all those governments offices too. And I totally DISAGREE with such thing! I mean....I'm open to accept that school offices can be closed at 0002 PM, because they are SCHOOLS! But please...I'm stressing myself out because the office in the university I'm studying closes at such hour. 

How come? Look, we students have classes from as early as 0008 AM and some end even at 0004 PM. And if we want to settle down things at the OFFICE, we have to skip a class. This is unacceptable for me...cause I DESPERATELY want to keep a clean record for my attendance! Luckily, my Paediatric round starts at 0830 AM everyday and supposed to end at 0001 PM. Which we don't usually ends our class exactly when the clock struck ONE! Logically, I would still have another extra half an hour either before my class starts or after my class ends. However, it turns out that my brilliant idea would never work. Because I used to wait for the front door of the office to fling open at 8 AM and then I got bored.

I'm so sick of it, I could just SCREAM!