Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stay back!

I had an issue with my third sister. The thing is, I think that she is so immature. And somehow stupid. Yeah sorry sista, I really need you to know what is my opinion regarding yourself. D'uhh~


What am I doing?

Guess I'll just have to let this 
mixed up feelings out of my system. 
Because I CANNOT hold it anymore! 
I am angry, frustrated, sad, disgusted 
and bored of this cliche'. 
Talk about major HEADACHE. 
I am so HELPLESS! 
My life is going to be ruined!

I believe that all these moronic actions of her started because of her JERKY f*****r. Lately, that guy had been haunting us, not in a good way, I supposed. You can continue the rest of the chronology yourself. She fell into his trap. She did the craziest things. She fought with Mom. I tried to help her. We disagreed with each other. We quarreled. I ended up not talking to her. When I'm ignoring, that's a bad sign!