Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Office hours

Now I want to nag, nag, nag 
and blab and babble 
all I want!

Not really but....uhm...
Just stay with me, OK?

I think you already realize 
that in here, Egypt all the 
offices closes at 0002 PM. 
Including the banks, schools offices, universities offices 
and I'm pretty sure all those governments offices too. And I totally DISAGREE with such thing! I mean....I'm open to accept that school offices can be closed at 0002 PM, because they are SCHOOLS! But please...I'm stressing myself out because the office in the university I'm studying closes at such hour. 

How come? Look, we students have classes from as early as 0008 AM and some end even at 0004 PM. And if we want to settle down things at the OFFICE, we have to skip a class. This is unacceptable for me...cause I DESPERATELY want to keep a clean record for my attendance! Luckily, my Paediatric round starts at 0830 AM everyday and supposed to end at 0001 PM. Which we don't usually ends our class exactly when the clock struck ONE! Logically, I would still have another extra half an hour either before my class starts or after my class ends. However, it turns out that my brilliant idea would never work. Because I used to wait for the front door of the office to fling open at 8 AM and then I got bored.

I'm so sick of it, I could just SCREAM!

Also to rush to the office in the main building of the faculty right after my class ends at 0130 NOT LIKELY! Because from my experience during my Internal Medicine round, the secretary kept knocking at lecture hall's door at 0130 PM asking the same "Ya duktur, mahtagin hagah?" or in English "Doctor, do you need anything else?" as a sign, she was going home already! Yeah, I remember those very well because those interruptions interrupted my absolute concentration of the lecture! D'uhh~

Ridiculously this happens at the Immigration Governmental Office, you know...Jawazat! Unbelievable thing is, it closes at 0001 PM and prevents people from entering the building at 12 PM. Of course it is said to open at 8 AM, but the only thing that opens at that hour is the FRONT DOOR!

Yappa, shinjirarenai!

I am like....."HEY! You people are 
seriously working or not? 
You want work, you have it. 
People around the world work 
till 0005 PM not to mention 
about those working over-time.
 You work till 0002 PM and 
stressing about how 
incompetent your country is? 
Well, IT IS! 
What can your country gain 
from working at 
0009 AM TILL 0001 PM? 
5 hours per day and you wish
 to see Egypt on top the world?
Please, extend the 
office hours. 

But I say that inside my head so no one hears it except myself.

Well, you may say...Egypt don't own a good PM like Dr. M. To be honest, we get that a lot! So you want Dr. M? Then take him! I tell you what, yes we thanked Dr. M a ton because of his intelligence, Malaysia is now a well-known country. But Dr. M would never succeed if the people don't support his effort. Talking about leaders, it is a must to be liked at the same time to be hated. It's life! But, his whole nation worked hard for Malaysia, not for Dr. M. By that we are proud of ourselves, not on Dr. M alone!

Egyptians, you want to see your country improves...go for towards it. You can't just sit and cross your fingers yet hope for prosperity. Work at LEAST till 0005 PM so that you may accomplish your whole day mission. Forget about "bukrah" every time people come to you! Make things easy for others. Be ashamed, the students are having classes from dawn to dusk, for the sake of the country in the future. Yet the officers are coming late and going home early.

I'm saying this neither to oppose you guys nor to make things complicated. In fact, I want to see Egypt becomes a lot better. Being here I'm already attached to Egypt. I like being here. Egypt teaches me about life. Sincerely saying, I have a great life in Egypt! Please extend the office hours. Please look for what is good in this entry. Neglect my rudeness. I have to admit that I become scarier when I'm frustrated.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 146:
Narrated Anas bin Malik, the Prophet (PBUH) said: 

"Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them, and make them calm (with glad tidings) and do not repulse (them )." 
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