Saturday, April 14, 2012

The gifts-list

Alhamdulillah and special thanks to all my birthday wishers! 

I mean...really REALLY special. 
It was not only that you 
remembered my birthday instead
 your wishes and PRAYERS
 really touched my heart. 
It did not matter what you call
 me...any nicknames you
 give me whether it is Along or Koari
or Aryana or Shazzy or VO or...or. 
You'll put a smile on my face. 
And I really look drop dead 
GORGEOUS when I smile!

It is impossible for me to make a list of appreciation to all of my family and friends throughout the world. But I need you to know that I'm really thankful for all your words of courage. You know, because of you all I had the most amazing, colourful life. Sometimes fun, sometimes exciting, sometimes desperate, sometimes shocking. It's a life you can't imagine anyone else leading. Only EXCLUSIVELY me!