Friday, August 17, 2012

Never-ending Terrorism

Glory be to Allah, Who created the entire universe and all mankind.

I am one of millions of Muslims living in this world. I believe in Islam for it is the inborn religion, which is divinely reveals from Allah as GUIDANCE to mankind.

Islam is a religion that
commands to peace,
practices good qualities,
rejects injustice and
 prevents evil deeds.
I am sure, that all religions
established by their founders
are based on pure purposes.
 But, the foundations of
those religions are
according to their own ways,
 not from the guidance of Allah,
 the Lord of the Universe.

Upon seeing the ATROCITIES committed against Muslims around the world, I wonder, why would they do those unacceptably cruel and INHUMAN things to these people?

Watching Muslims in Myanmar killed and tortured, it makes me wonder... is not Buddhism a religion that calls for personal development with good morals? Does Buddhism teach you to kill people of other religions?

And WHY specifically MUSLIMS??

When watching the Muslims in Syria are being killed and tortured, I am wondering... is not Shiites also regard themselves as a Muslim? Did Saidina Ali KAW ever command them to kill other Muslims?

Again…..WHY specifically MUSLIMS??

Thus, people are
pointing fingers to Islam...
as if trying to BLAME:
Islam also orders the
killing of other religions...
I’d say: NO!
That is just a misunderstanding
and WRONG perception
of our religion by
those who are
NON Muslims.

Islam does commands them to kill the apostates, whom are those commit APOSTASY  for it is a form of disgrace to Islam. So let me make it clear for you….in case you don’t REALLY get the gist of my whole point! First of all, I’m going to give you a situation, let say -Today you believe in Allah…then tomorrow you believe in 3 gods…some other day u believe in numerous gods….another day you are practicing some other religions which believe in NO god. Then WHAT are you? Now, THAT is what Islam trying to prevent.  It is basically that SIMPLE.

When people ask: This means that Islam does not give freedom of choosing religions? My reply would be: Islam allows everybody to stick with their religion, but Islam forbids a Muslim to LEAVE Islam.

Errr….and WHY is that??

Dear friends, don’t you think that you live your lives searching for the truth? Look, an orphan would search for their biological parents. A child would wonder what he is going to be when he grows up. A student would studies while a worker would works and finds out the outcome of their effort. Even you would go on a bunch of dates with your see if one of these is your true soul mate or such! I mean...searching for the truth it’s a human NATURE. I don’t even need to explain it.

Hence, the same goes to Islam. Islam should be the ONLY religion of truth for the ones embrace Islam. Now, why would the one who already found the truth…go searching for another?

My friends, Islam does not force anyone of non-Muslims to believe in Islam. NEVER! Instead, we welcome you to learn and understand about this very religion. Look how free are the non-Muslims can live in peace and harmony in Muslim countries. But why when Muslims are in non-Muslim countries, we are killed and tortured?

Where’s JUSTICE in THAT?

You would blame and say:
Islam likes wars... kills people...

My answer would be:
Muslims FIGHT against
those who do wrong.
Muslims fight against those
who commit oppression...
But why is Islam labeled
as oppressors when we
fight against oppression?

From the history itself, for examples, who had started the First World War? Was it Islam? But the Muslims are labeled as terrorists.

Who waged the Second World War? Was it Islam? But Muslims are labeled as terrorists. Who has confiscated the land of Palestine from the people? Who invaded the land of Palestine? Was it Islam? But Muslims are labeled as terrorists. Who bombed the city of Hiroshima in Japan turning it to a wasteland? Was it Islam? But Muslims are labeled as terrorists. Who was in violation of the WTC to collapse in the middle of city? There was no evidence WHATSOEVER that it was the act done by a Muslim, but the media said that it was caused by Islam and the whole world labeled Muslims as terrorists.

Show me, where is the EVIDENCE of cruelty and violence committed by Muslims? You do see the oppressed Muslims all around the world, still you think Islam as terrorist?

Well, to say the truth…I don’t really understand your CONCEPT of a ‘terrorist’! They are being terrorized in their own land, yet they are the terrorists? Come on….you ALREADY know the truth.

As for the followers of Buddhism, particularly those located in Myanmar. During my thorough research of your religion, I find that Buddha also promotes the good deeds, respects for others and practices moralities.

But I am totally shocked
to see Muslim children, 
the elderly who are Muslims, 
and Muslim women, 
were killed and tortured by you.
What is our 
GRAVE sin to you 
that we are treated as such?

As for the followers of the Shiites…Why is that your love the Prophet’s PBUH family members caused you to kill other Muslims in Syria? Under what basis did you have to do that?

Above all these things that happened, I have one ULTIMATE question.  IF the religions those you are so proud of weren’t anything about MURDERING human, then……what kind of SICK JOKE had you all been playing?

Dear mankind, go BACK to your inborn nature. That is the nature of which the worship is only in Allah alone. That is the nature of which human do not like the violence and brutality. That is the nature of which human love peace and tranquility. That is the nature of which contains humanitarian values.

Have faith, Islam is religion of human nature. Understand about this religion. You will have your peace in it.

But now I know that freedom, tranquility, peace, security and things as such, actually it’s got NOTHING to do with religions, it’s got nothing to do with mental stability, but it has EVERYTHING to do with the human mind’s natural instinct, which is to hope beyond all hope, unless you are a cynical BASTARD.

P/S: Credit to Muhammad Mujahid Ibn Ir Fadzil. I was asked to translate his original version, and this is an adapted one! As for the record, you won't find any 'harsh and wicked elements' in Ustaz Mujahid's version like you find most in my blog entries.

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