Sunday, January 31, 2010

Revealing FDT '10

Konna koto ii na
Dekitara ii na
Anna yume konna yume ippai aru kedo
Minna minna minna
Kanaete kureru
Fushigina POKKE de kanaete kureru
Sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na
Hait! Takekopta!
An an an tottemo daisuki DORAEMON

Ahahaha...everybody loves Doraemon! That's it! Doraemon was our team mascot for PCT Family Day 2010 that was held on last 23rd. January. There were another 3 teams took part and each team represented by a cartoon character. We had red team represented by The Incredibles, black team represented by Ninja, orange team represented by Nemo....and blue team represented by the lovable Doraemon! Nyahahaha...Kawai, desu yo?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hold me tight....Allah

The Lord of the east and the west: there is no god except Him; so take Him for yourself as an Ever-Trusted Trustee.
                                                                                                                           (Qur'an 73:9)

Actually, I have one feeling to share with my friends today. Today I didn't attend my lectures. I woke up, felt tired and hesitated to get ready for my daily routine. I stayed at home, sat on my bed, doing nothing not even revising my past lectures. It was terrible, I know. Indeed, I am a terrible person!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Officially declared, Badar 313!

Last night we had our wireless network operated, for the first time in Badar 313, our new house. Oh, by the way, we just moved in about a month ago! We are now living in Syarie’ Azhar, just a block before Syarie’ Salam, my former house. Since this is my first post after moving in, first and foremost, let me introduce my new housemates:

Iman - our Mrs. Brain
Azzahra’ - she makes the home as her ‘direct selling center’ 
Farhana - drop dead Goo Jun Pyo/Yoon Ji Hoo fan
Me - the owner of VioletOrchid

Oh, Allah! Unite us all…with eeman filling our hearts.