Saturday, June 9, 2012

Egypt Election

Assalamualaikum, you guys!

It's going to be the 
final phase for the 
election in Egypt next 
16th June 2012. Well I heard that somewhere. 
Whether you are in Egypt 
or not, I have the 
feeling that you have 
to know about the
most important event 
which is going 
take place here, 
perhaps it would change the world.

I've done some verbal survey...uhm..that is another way of saying 'I asked a few people I met' about their opinion for both candidate Dr. Muhammad Mursi and Ahmad Shafeeq. And it turned out great...for me. By GREAT, I mean I almost want myself to be part of the nation and go for the election crossing the candidate I want!

Okay, that is not so going to happen.

Also, I kind of diffuse myself in this topic. Whenever I hire a taxi, I'd have something to talk about rather than a boring under the sun taxi ride. I have to admit that my Arabic is not so well but at least I can open a moderate conversation.

"Ammu, enta ma'a min fil intikhabak?"
And MOST of them choose Dr. Muhammad Mursi. 

"Leih Dr. Mursi mish Shafeeq?"
"Leih Shafeeq? Shuftil hukumah dil wakti izzay? Ihna hanimsyi ma'a Shafeeq leih...?"
"Asyan Shafeeq zay Mubarak. Ya'ni ma farqu bainahumma?"
"Ihna mish hanirga' tani ila zaman lifat."

Actually they told me a lot more but I'm not going to quote those here, because I dare not to end my life in Egyptian jail! Duhh!

Anyway, I had a few of informative and productive conversation!
Note: My Arabic language is not that good. Hence, bear with it.

Once there was a time I asked about this taboo subject to a taxi driver, and we continued DISCUSSING about each of candidate and he proudly stated that he still with Mursi. Then came this lady with a like...4-year-old son and things continued.......

"Eh dah? Mursi? La'! La'! Shafeeq ahsan!" Okay...I'll translate the rest. Not because I can't remember the words but I desperately want to completely understand my point.

She said..."How can Ikhwan Muslimin governs Egypt? They just can't. You see, politic is different from just being in masjid and give sermons. You gotta have to learn the trick then you can lead the world. I mean, obviously Ikhwan Muslimin can't do like that...&#%$&*^(^%#6~."

She said a lot more. And I don't want to translate here because her point was, "Muslims can't rule!" That's all.

However the uncle driving the taxi was a wise man. He told her about his opinion about the situation that how everybody thirsts for Shari'ah and trying to persuade her. He said, "I understand your feeling to see Egypt why not we give it a try and let Ikhwan Muslimin rules? Ba'din, nashuf Masr hayimshi izay..."

I could not believe my ears! How could as Muslims, we boldly say that masjid is just a masjid and Muslims can NEVER rule? In the time of Rasulullah and the sahabah, MASJID was where they performed solah...they run schools...held meetings and discussions...create strategies...heard the complaints of the people...and even the center of the government was the masjid! And guess what? Islam ruled perfectly.

Now, I'm not trying to say you SHOULD choose Mursi over Shafeeq. Because if I say that you would probably retort and fire back at me. Like..."You are foreigner. What do you know about Egypt? This is our future. We choose whom is meant to be the leader. This is not a game where there is "Your game is sucks. Please try again." No! This is a lot greater. The future of our next generation."

Well, it must be just my wild and crazy IMAGINATION. But you know what? I found this dialogue when I was browsing lately.

سألوها: كيف تنتخبين مرسي، وأنت مسيحية؟
قالت: ومَن مِن المفترض أنْ أنتخب ؟
قالوا: شفيق !
قالت: لماذا؟
قالوا: ألم تسمعيه وهو يتعهد بحذف الآيات القرآنية من المناهج التعليمة؟
قالت: بلي سمعته، ولهذا سأختار مرسي!
قالوا: كيف؟
قالت: من لم يحافظ على دينه .. لن يحافظ على ديني

A : How can you choose Mursi, you are a Christian?
B : So whom should I choose?
... A : Ahmad Shafeeq!
B : Why?
A : Haven't you heard that he promised to not include Quranic verses in the learning syllabus?
B : Of course I heard that. That is why I choose Muhammad Mursi!
A : How come?

B : If he can't take care of his Deen (religion), how do you expect him to take care of my religion?

I'm just saying.

I live among Egyptians. So I might say that I know them to the flesh and bones. 
Egyptians, they are a strong nation. And people know about your majestic history. Before I came here, when I told my relatives and pals that I was going to continue my study in Egypt...they "Oooohs!" and "Aaaaaahs!". What did those suppose to mean?

It means that Egypt is impressive! The whole world recognize Egypt. They are a strong nation. And it would be a total waste if Islam doesn't rule the land where the anbia of Allah walked on its earth.

In a nut shell, if you ever want peace again in Egypt and in any land in this world, follow Islam. Because Allah promised in His noble verse:

And when they entered upon Joseph, he took his parents to himself and said, "Enter Egypt, Allah willing, safe [and secure]."
Quran: Surah Yusuf (12:99)
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