Friday, August 17, 2012

Never-ending Terrorism

Glory be to Allah, Who created the entire universe and all mankind.

I am one of millions of Muslims living in this world. I believe in Islam for it is the inborn religion, which is divinely reveals from Allah as GUIDANCE to mankind.

Islam is a religion that
commands to peace,
practices good qualities,
rejects injustice and
 prevents evil deeds.
I am sure, that all religions
established by their founders
are based on pure purposes.
 But, the foundations of
those religions are
according to their own ways,
 not from the guidance of Allah,
 the Lord of the Universe.

Upon seeing the ATROCITIES committed against Muslims around the world, I wonder, why would they do those unacceptably cruel and INHUMAN things to these people?

Watching Muslims in Myanmar killed and tortured, it makes me wonder... is not Buddhism a religion that calls for personal development with good morals? Does Buddhism teach you to kill people of other religions?

And WHY specifically MUSLIMS??