Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eid eve

I am smiling at the memory.

It is going to be Aidilfitri soon. 
By soon, I mean VERY soon. 
Underage children would have been very 
excited about 'Hari Raya'. 
Because I used to be an INNOCENT 
young girl, so I pretty much knew 
how exciting it was to celebrate Hari Raya. 
Eventhough, I used to not fasting 
the whole month of Ramadhan that time. 
Yeah, I was a little naughty!

And do you know what I was 
EAGER about Hari Raya?
Or it is called as 'Duit Raya' in Malaysia.

Don't laugh, darling. It is normal, for a kid. 
And not for a grown-up. 
Obviously because you DON'T get 'ang-pows' any more. You give.