Welcome note

Violet Garden, 'Garden of Courage'.

Violet orchid. Specially chosen name, immortalizing the most favourite flower of my beloved mother. Her fondest floras are from Orchidaceae family. Orchidaceae is the largest plant’s family, estimated up to 35 000 species.

This exotic flower grows wild but indeed very sensitive. Orchid represents love, beauty and refinement of the persona. No wonder why my admired mother has chooses orchids decorating her blessed garden. As for Violet, it symbolizes aristocracy, self-respect, strong spiritual and hidden knowledge. Violet Orchid apparently produces a unique equivalent combination, and I should leave the evaluation to you, my honoured readers.

Hopefully you’ll continue visiting Violet Orchid again and again. Who knows you might pick something precious while strolling around my humble garden. And yeah, a footstep will delight me a bit more.

Mama, even if your orchids wither for autumn is in the air, yet I, your Violet Orchid stay!
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