Saturday, July 9, 2011


OK, folks!

Here I go again!

But before I go on with my DISCUSSION
this time, well, I've been wondering...

Have you ever kept a diary to yourself?

Uhm, you know that kind of BOOK 
which you record your daily 
events and experiences. 
Where you pour your heart out, 
spill your emotion, take out your anger. 
Baaah! As if NOBODY knows what a diary is!

All right. You've hit the jackpot!

I used to keep diaries. It was in early stages of my life when I was developing into HUMAN being. It was when I started to learn about a myriad of feeling, gladness, confusion, defeat and the list went on. So I consider it as a necessity. Second only to maybe oxygen!

That time I was a primary schooler, around 10 years old. Hey, you could pretty much imagine what would a ten-year-old girl put down in her diary! Also, I used my favourite pen- a fast drying, nontoxic, dark-purple medium tip pen by STABILO.

I put in amongst the events 
mostly happened at school. 
As my school was pretty an 
ELITE school they said, with 
bunches of show-offs, I'd said. 
Now, you knew what kind of 
things I used to jot down in 
my so-called diary. I recorded 
the numerous time I fought 
with my circle of best friends. 
I wrote about the girls who 
used to ignore praying and 
not wearing scarfs outside school. 
I penned about how tired I was 
because primary school in Malaysia 

And that was because the teachers kept telling me, "You have to do good in primary level. Coz if you don't excell, you won't get the best education in your next secondary level!" and "UPSR is only ONCE in a lifetime!" 

However, thanks to their mental TORTURE that I tried my hardest to find my way and end up here today. On top of that, still, all CREDITS go to Allah!

So, that I had a diary, I used to place my diary in a very SECURED place where nobody could find it. 24/7 under surveillance!

Until my Mom accidentally found the diary that she accidentally read it which I accidentally MISPLACED it. Then she accidentally got angry! (Since, I also made notes when I had DISAGREEMENTS with my Mom.)

She was so angry, her whole face was all droopy and distorted. (Still, I love you, Mom!)

And I was like, THIS. SO. CRAP. !!

I mean, that was MY diary and it should be private and confidential. COMPLETELY!

But I just said it inside my head, so no one apparently heard it except me.

At that moment I would have given anything to just DISAPPEAR into thin air.

Oh, that's it!

Maybe that's why absolutely no one writes their most intimate feelings and deep-dark secrets in a diary anymore. WHY?!

Because just ONE or two people knowing all your BIZ could completely ruin your reputation.

You're supposed to post this kind of juicy stuff online in your blog so MILLIONS can read it! 

What a heavy IRONY, huh?!

So in our life. In Islam.

One of most FAQ is about hijab. Hijab in Islam, is basically  a DRESS CODE for Muslim women in public. Many perceived hijab as TRADITIONAL and a form of oppression; but TRUTH is, hijab protects and SAFEGUARDS women from harassment!

Look, I don't want to give you a lecture. I don't even give a stern stare. Coz in that way, I'll look ugly. As well as I'm never FITTED to do so.

My Ummah stated that there are 11 excuses for not wearing hijab. I'm going to list your ironies down here, so then you can simply check the discussion later.

Excuse 1: I'm NOT yet convinced (of necessity) of hijab.

Excuse 2: My mother prevents me from wearing it 
and if I DISOBEY her I will go to the fire.

Excuse 3: My POSITION does not allow me to 
substitute my dress for Islamic dress.

Excuse 4: It is so very HOT in my country and I can't stand it. 
How could I take if I wore hijab?

Excuse 5: I'm afraid that if I wear hijab I will put it OFF at another 
time because I have seen so many others do so!!

Excuse 6: If I wear the hijab then NOBODY will marry me, 
so I'm going to leave it off until then.

Excuse 7: How can I cover what Allah has BLESSED me with 
silky soft hair and captivating beauty?

Excuse 8: I will wear it when Allah GUIDES me to do so.

Excuse 9: It is not TIME yet. I'm still young. I'll do it 
when I get older, after I make Hajj!

Excuse 10: I'll be LABELED as belonging to some group or another.

Excuse 11: Islam is in the HEART. I don't need to show off 
that I am a Muslim, it is a personal 
relationship between Allah and me.

See, I'm not telling this to a non-believer. I'm not arguing this with someone whom doesn't even know alif-ba-ta. I'm trying to reach you, who mingles among believers in every step you take. I've been trying to get to you, who read the whole al-Qur'an.

Let us both keep ourselves reminded of these verses below that Allah (SWT) said in the noble Qur'an:

They will not taste therein [any] coolness or drink
78:25Except scalding water and [foul] purulence - (Qur'an an-Naba 78: 24-25)

“You can’t stop them. But you can protect yourself. ”
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