Friday, June 3, 2011

Nina in Japan

I have a confession to make. Maybe several confessions. 

But don't be surprised and say ''Eeeehhh?"

Okay! Here it comes. 

First of all, despite the fact that 
my annual exam is VERY NEAR 
around the corner, still I don't study 
that much anyway. And second of all, 
I'm addicted to 'Nina In Japan'! 
That I've been watching and 
stalking to her videos uploaded by 
her Papa since she was merely a toddler. 
They are fascinating!

I mean she really had a great adventurous life during her childhood and I kind of envy that. On second thought, I had a belle childhood memories too. And I went to beaches a lot. Just that my parents did not make videos of me, but the memoir of my childhood stay remained. By that I really mean CHILDHOOD. Because apart from that, my TEENHOOD was a catastrophe. But pretty adventurous I would say!

Ja, let us get back to Nina!

Well I thought most of her videos are funny and she owns a contagious laughter. Moreover, the one when she went outdoor, like for this river hunting. Papa was explaining things around them you know the trees..the river..the rocky path..fungus and everything and when it came to a very huge rock he eventually asked Nina: "If that rock fell, what would you do?" >>"Pancake!" 

Also there is one during one of her outdoor trip. It was so obvious that she was enjoying every bit of her time there walking a dog, showering under the sakura falls, even handling a bird in addition to running frantically here and there! But then she was told that they were actually done there and going home, she threw a tantrum!

Sou! This one is also my far most favourite! It really ticked me when she got stuck in that net and with a frustrated face she yelled out "Hey I can't get out!" Until she discovered that she could swing the net, she actually enjoyed being stuck. Japan sure got lots of FANCY stuffs around. How come there are lots of cool and amusing playgrounds all around Japan? It's not that I know playgrounds all throughout the world but as for Malaysia, I think we have pretty boring ones. Yeah. With one slide, a pair of swings, couple of see-saw and a merry-go-round perhaps. Shou ga nai~

And I certainly will not going to tell you what kind of playgrounds they have here in Egypt. 

Dakara Nina-chan wa totemo rakkidesu!

Ack! I'm going to make another confession.

I'm planning to raise my kids in Japan! Subarashii^^

Uh-huh, don't give me that 'OH.NO.YOU.DON'T face'.

Hey, I'm not talking mindlessly, OK? I'm putting effort into my gorgeous plan for my becoming offspring to be well-flourished. Only, DON'T let Mom know just yet. It's a secret I'm telling you. 

Because I once told her that 
- no I didn't just tell her. 

I revealed to her. I unveiled 
that I was so BADLY in love 
with this cute actor, Hongo Kanata. Unfortunately, my sister went NUTS! 
And saying things like, 
"Hey, this is super gorgeous! 
I like him so so so much. 
I think I'm  %$#&@**"

Me?! Talk about major HEARTBREAK!

So I put my trust in you to keep my secret.

In any case, that's IF I ever get married to a handsome Nipponjin. On the contrary, if my future husband is not a Nipponjin...let say...a good-looking Malaysian I'm going to persuade and plead him VERY convincingly nicely. It'll be like, "Deary deary would want to live in Japan and raise our kids there like we planned, wouldn't you?" Well I might put some adjustment in my tone to make it less forceful. I mean, NO force at all. And he'd reply. "Of course Honey, I've all ready booked one way tickets for us!"  Awww, SWEEEEEET! that case, I'd better brush up my Nihongo dakara ne....

Ah! It's going to be great but I have to deal with my current reality first. I've to finish Medicinae Bacalarueus (Mbbch), have my graduation and be a certified doctor. Long way to go! *sigh* Pray for me will you?

By REALITY that obviously means:
1. Medical references
2. Medical references
3. Medical references

1. Heavy traffics
2. Noisy honks
3. Flies and mosquitoes
4. Donkeys

Also, my physician has diagnosed me as being highly allergic to pests that fly in addition to pests that suck human blood. The allergens identified are terrifying cockroaches, annoying flies, creepy spiders, high speed mosquitoes, terrestrial leeches and eerie vampires.

However I'm making exception JUST for Edward Cullen. (Duhh!)

Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.
(Qur'an al-baqarah 2:216)

*Nina in box*

P/S: I'm fat now. Like an ELEPHANT!!
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