Friday, July 29, 2011

Prayer power

As Ramadhan is approaching, 
I can sense the enthusiasm runs in everyone. 
This is a GREAT sign! 
When you come to such degree 
of excitation and eagerness 
looking forward for Ramadhan 
to greet you, your soul is 
emitting good auras. OR in Naruto 
they called it as 'chakras'. 
But I'm no Naruto fan. Not that I hate, 
I'm just not one of the fan.

Maybe if we talked about Tennis no Oijusama, it will be a different story!

BACK to the story.

This morning I received a message from a dear sister of mine, it said: 
I always get nervous in these last 
few days before Ramadan.. 
will I make it? will you make it? 
More importantly, if we make it, 
are we prepared to make the most of it? 
Or will we have yet another 
unproductive Ramadan?
2 more nights till beginning of Ramadan
 and if you haven't already sat down with yourself,
 wrote down your Ramadan goals, 
planned your Ramadan hour by hour, 
this is the time to do this! 

I do not need to tell you what is so SPECIAL about Ramadhan. Because you all ready know, it is not the matter of days, not even hours, but VERILY every minute counts. 

Look, I'm going to give you some HINTS. How would you want to spend time with your loved ones? I tell you, every time I have the chance to go back home, meet with my family... I would always have these little VOICES coming from inside my head telling me:

1. VO, stay as GOOD kid. You won't want
 to leave them with bad memories.
2. Give all your ATTENTION, show all your love 
and help them as much as you can 
while you are with them.
3. You've made it this year. Maybe next year 
you won't be back. So, TREASURE 
every moment and don't waste!

Is not Ramadhan is our dearest? What will we DO then? We do anything and everything that we HAVE to.

Now, I want to share with you something. Like... a real GOOD one!
The first time the earth was created, the earth was always shaking, shaking and did not rotate steadily in fact did not rotate on its axis. Things worried the angels and the angels facing Allah;

"O Lord The All Knower 
why the earth is shaking?" 
asked the angels.
"That has not been nailed." 
answered Allah, short.
"So, how do You nail the earth O Lord?" 
asked the angel again.
"I will create  mountains ." 
Allah told.

After that, Allah created the mountains in different parts of the earth. What happened was indeed correct when He created the mountains, the earth was still and then rotate on its axis. Therefore, then the mountains were known as 'nails' of the earth God created. Nails are hard things made of iron. After Allah created the Earth's nails, which were the mountains, then the angels said;

"O Lord, is there anything 
stronger than nails?"
"Yes" Allah answered
"The  fire, which the heat 
can melt steel. "
"Is there other intenser than fire, O Lord?" 
asked the angel.
"Yes, water can extinguish the fire." 
Allah answered again.

"So, O Lord, is there anything mightier than water?" continued the angels.
"There is! The wind, for which they can carry water to wherever it blows. " answered Allah again.
"But, O Lord, is there anything more potent than all the (mountains, fire, water and wind)?" they questioned.
"There is! The  breath of My servant who prays to me . For that prayer can change my destiny (fate) upon him. " So Allah explained.
(Source: Al Qudsi).
I know that there is a night in the last ten days called the night of Al-Qadr that is better than a THOUSAND months. To gain the tremendous reward mentioned by Allah and his Messenger, I realized that Allah does not choose people randomly for these blessings. I am sure He does not set people free based on their gender, race, or wealth. 

I am of the belief that the great night of Al-Qadr is a GIFT Allah gives to some people who show some EFFORT during the month and probably throughout the YEAR. The most important question is:

"How can I make myself subject to all these blessings?"

Ramadhan is a gift, an opportunity Allah bestows on us. Let's not misspend His chance upon us. For He is Al-Kareem. Raise our hands, HUMBLY lay our invocations and SUBMISSIVELY spread our supplications and change our FATE!

Narrated Abu Huraira, The Prophet (PBUH) said:
 "Whoever fasted the month of Ramadan out of sincere Faith (i.e. belief) and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his past sins will be forgiven, and whoever stood for the prayers in the night of Qadr out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven ."  (Sahih Bukhari)

Ahlan wa sahlan. Wa marhaban bik, ya Ramadhan!

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