Saturday, August 2, 2014


I am NOT feeling great. I just got a message from somebody WARNING me about my lousy life.

It says, "Don't just read NOVELS. Find some knowledge and religious materials to read too."

So.....OK. I have a lousy life.
Honey, let me tell you.

Yes, I highlight my life  is JUST all about cats, english novels and some non-worth-it paintings. Those are my ESCAPISM. Because of these little things, I survive my MEDS-SCHOOL. Not to mention Mom's prayers and effort and all. They are DIFFERENT categories. I mean how could you condemn someone else's hobby? How JUVENILE is that?

And now that I'm working...of whatever my job is in Ampang Hospital....I need some escapism too. My job, I don't have the slightest dream that you guys would understand. I don't even want to TALK about this job in front of you guys. Its not that I hate y'all, but I can't trust ME myself.

I am not being exaggerating. Its the same thing if I tell you to stop playing soccer or futsal in your free time, isn't it? Well then, I rephrase this again....

I own a cat. That cat is the dearest to me more than anything.
I read novels since teens. By Sidney Sheldon, Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsella.
I paint. Some not-so-artistic-but-i-enjoy the paintings.

Because to tell you that I own books of Fiqh Manhaji, I learn from Haza Halal wa Haza Haram, I enter classes for kitab Al-Wajiz, I read Syamail Muhammadiah, Tarbiyyah Awlad, La Tahzan etc etc that would be too MAINSTREAM.

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