Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stay back!

I had an issue with my third sister. The thing is, I think that she is so immature. And somehow stupid. Yeah sorry sista, I really need you to know what is my opinion regarding yourself. D'uhh~


What am I doing?

Guess I'll just have to let this 
mixed up feelings out of my system. 
Because I CANNOT hold it anymore! 
I am angry, frustrated, sad, disgusted 
and bored of this cliche'. 
Talk about major HEADACHE. 
I am so HELPLESS! 
My life is going to be ruined!

I believe that all these moronic actions of her started because of her JERKY f*****r. Lately, that guy had been haunting us, not in a good way, I supposed. You can continue the rest of the chronology yourself. She fell into his trap. She did the craziest things. She fought with Mom. I tried to help her. We disagreed with each other. We quarreled. I ended up not talking to her. When I'm ignoring, that's a bad sign!

He even approached my other sisters. Alin however is bright enough to PUSH him away! She said, "Like I want him as a father again?!" Way to go, Alin! And even Baby-Ie. He met her at school, and ended up got dump by his own daughter. Well done, Baby-Ie! You see, we all used to be his daughters and son, till he ditched us out of his life. He said that. So theoretically, we are not his children anymore and there is no reason WHAT-SO-EVER to look for 'ex-children'. I am theoretically so precisely right about that!

That bastard! Why is he looking for us now? WHY?? He should be ignoring us like he always  did. He shouldn't be searching for us, now and forever. He should stop all these craps he had caused us from the very start. He should be NOT trying to contact each of his children now, like he used to cut the bloodline before. He should not attempt to FAKE heartwarming reunion scene, because it obviously showed on his disgusting face. Heyya, BACK OFF! I'm telling you, get your damn self BACK OFF!

If you ever wonder is 
bloodline ever comes to end, 
I'd say, "Yes!" 
On what base? 
Ones righteous doing.

At the end of the
phone call,
Mom repeatedly
said to me,
"Lets pray for her....I love her..."

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