Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Muslim brotherhood

Tanta is now hot with 
lots of campaigns regarding 
famine in Somalia. 
I mean...it is NICE to see 
everybody is getting bussier 
and bussier for the sake 
of brotherhood. Moreover, 
it colours the life of a student.

Well, yes you are a student. 
But it doesn't mean that 
you have to be an ignorant 
other than your 'study' things.
Darou na?

Frankly, the issue of Somalia is already an old issue. Old but ongoing. But maybe I wasn't aware enough that I don't know much about it. The only thing I know is that Somalia is a very poor looking country...with battles here and there...starvation every where...extinction!

But those are just words: starvation and extinction. Stop thinking of them as words. Think of their meaning- men, women and children, hungry and homeless and facing death!

Anyway, I feel lucky that I'm among the chosen ones Allah placed in Tanta. Because I learnt loads of good things here. The most favourite lesson in my life I learnt from our community here is how great the ties of ukhuwwah amongst the Muslims are. To tell you the truth, I used to be a kind of lame person, I'd say. Yes, I heard the news about the catastrophes and calamities be fall on Muslims through out the world. Nevertheless I did not do anything.

Like..."Well, life isn't always good. May Allah lends a help for those sufferings."

AWFUL! Thank you.

But here, I'm grateful that I'm surrounded by pure hearted friends. They taught me how to appreciate the bond of ukhuwwah Islamiyah. As time passed by, I started to learn that we MUST take action instead of just wishing and praying for good things to happen. 

Because you know what? It wouldn't happen JUST like that!

Just like solat. It wouldn't be accounted as solat if you just sit there with just a WISH to perform solat. Then that's it! A complete righteous solat was performed!? But, hey! On account of what will Allah counts that as a complete solat? Just a pure wish and no action? Naaah~

The FUNNY thing is, there are people out there believe that this is an accepted way to do so. Can I ask you a question? Are they insane or just stupid? I think, they are brain dead in some ways.

Therefore you see, it is an important lesson in my life and I hope I would not forget this one! I have to care. I have to take action. Do something. Or even better, be the pacemaker- ENCOURAGE others to do good deeds. 

I remember once we held a 
project named Shantah Ramadhan 
in last Ramadhan 2011. 
It was something like 
charity work where you would 
donate LE 30 for a 5kg bag of food
 and each one shantah went 
to a patient in our university hospital.
 And alhamdulillah we managed 
to give away more than 300 shantah. 

While distributing those things I arranged a photographer to take photos as a record of our project. But the officer whom accompanied us said,
"Mafish sourah ya gamaah. Inna yusouwwar, kullu hayurouwwah!" 

Wait! Wait! I'll translate that for you. He said, 
"No photos allowed. With photos, all your good deeds will fly away!"

And I want you to understand that I'm not posting this to boast or anything. Also I don't want you to congratulate me or say "Good job!" or whatsoever. All I want is that who ever read this post, will be more encouraged to do good deeds. It doesn't matter if you start with a small thing. The thing that matter is that you do!

Here I'd like to thank my fellow classmates for organizing Save Our Somalia- Garage Sale, and for letting me be part of it. Indeed we started with the simplest idea...we went from door to door (of  Malaysian students only) collecting used clothes, electronic devices and shoes or whatever they don't want to use anymore. But yeah, those must be in good condition! Or else, who would buy them, da yo ne

And surprisingly, the buyers were 
also from the Egyptians community...
and each of them bought 
more than one item! 
Like, who wouldn't buy an original 
Alain Delon shirt for just LE 10? 
A long winter coat for just LE 35? 
On top of that...most Egyptians 
also got unspeakable discounts! 
Apparently because I was tired bargaining 
with those persistent Egyptians.
 And most of them were from poor society. 
Which was the ultimate reason 
I just gave up! 
And they even asked, 
"When will you do this again?"

Then I smile most 
CHARMINGLY and replied, 
"I'm sorry but we are students."

I don't know how to put this but if you saw the 'port' we used, it was like a night market! So alive! And alhamdulillah we managed to collect altogether LE 7700 after 2 days of 'leaping into business world'. Our target was actually just LE 1000. 

It is small amount. I know. We probably will not supply food for every single Somalian with such an amount. Not enough. But let me tell you a story. A story of a little bird trying to help our Prophet Abraham a.s when he was thrown into a fire.

That time all the ignorant citizens, they dug a deep pit, filled it with firewood and ignited it. They brought a catapult with which to cast Abraham into the fire. Abraham was put on the catapult, his hands and feet tied. The fire was ready with its flames reaching the sky. The people stood away from the pit because of the great heat. Then the chief priest gave his order to cast Abraham into the fire. 

There once was a little bird who live in the time of Prophet Abraham a.s. When Prophet Abraham a.s was burned by the ignorants, a little bird saw what happen and decide to put out the fire to help Prophet Abraham a.s. The bird scoop up water from the river but it is not enough because the bird's beak is small. 

Larger birds in the vicinity watched and laughed at the little bird and they said
" Why are you carrying the water? " 

The little bird said 
" To put out the fire around Prophet Abraham a.s ."

The larger birds continue laughing. 
"How could you put out that fire with such a small amount of water? It is pointless."

Do you know what the little bird replied?

"I am sure Allah will not asked me whether I manage to put out the fire or not. But Allah will ask what have I done to stop the fire."

Hearing the answer, all the larger birds were all silent.

I have to admit, most of the time, I am the larger bird. 

We usually think that there won't be any good if you give LE 10 for charity instead of LE 1000 to the needy. It won't do any better if you are wearing hijab and all your peers are not. It won't make any progress  to boycott KFC or Starbucks or Mc D when we are the minority to do so. 

Is not Allah say in the noble Qur'an:

So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it, And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it.                                                                                        (Qur'an al-zalzalah, 99 : 7-8)

Also Rasulullah narrated in his authentic hadith regarding brotherhood in Islam: 

إنَّ المؤمِنَ للمُؤمنِ كَالبُـنيان يشـِدُّ بَعْضُه بَعضـا                                                                                              (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Just give it some thought. Cause I'm sure it doesn't take a GENIUS to figure out what is happening!
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