Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday was a nightmare. I just closed my eyes and lay there like a beached whale, which every inch of my body aching. Even my hair hurt. However, the worst part was me performing a freak SHOW. 

With that degree of aching, I went screaming on and off. Very abnormally loudly.

And I was the freak.

So, today, I'm absolutely NOT sharing about yesterday. I'd wish to tell myself that yesterday was nothing. Nothing is ever nothing. It's always something.

Well then, let me spread the story of yesterday's yesterday to a yesterday, to another yesterday. I'm pretty sure it means a lot of yesterdays.

The drama started one afternoon when Iman and Fafa were supposed to do shopping at the wet market. Obviously because we got nothing left in the more 'animals' and 'plants' to be cooked. Which means, it was a necessity to refill the fridge immediately. And they both went to the market anyway.

And also came back with 4 train tickets to Alexandria.

I was like..OH. NO. THEY. DIDN'T.

Fortunately, it was like another hour before the train so we were hurrying and rushing all the way to the station. Iman was praying wishfully that the train delayed. And surprisingly, it delayed until we got bored of waiting.

Once we reached Sidi Jabir Station, we had our dinner at China House. Fafa was so into it and she had been day-dreaming about the mouth-watering chinese food like forever! Oh, by the way, the restaurant is just beside San Stefano.

And I would NOT suggest you to have your chinese food there.

I remembered spending the next hour under the fair moonlight, watching the oily sky glisten with stars on our way to MARA Students Hostel.

The day after was an excitement. Had our breakfast with 'nasi lemak' which I would say among first customers that morning. Hey, we were on 'Badar 313 Day-Out' so we didn't have time to loose, OK?

It was early in the morning, we went ahead to Ma'moura. And you already knew why. :)

Believe me, it was a totally dull thing to rent a bicycle but just cycling along Ma'moura Beach.  
The beach alone is fine in addition to you have to pay extra if you want to touch the water, but the cycling track is seriously for the BEGINNER level!

Plus what really got on my nerves was the 'Scared-of-ball-girls' were actually playing beach ball. They're actually pissy girls who hang in small groups and scream hysterically whenever a ball comes near them.

It could be a beach ball, volley ball, basketball, football, soccer ball, tennis ball, Ping-pong ball, moth ball or even a meatball. They're NOT very picky.

So we left for Montaza riding our bikes merrily. We had such a great time biking all the way exploring gardens in Montaza. And the last person on the CONVOY (of 4 people) was always Jaja as she was so into capturing every moment she had with her housemates. I mean before she...err..*winkwink*

Next port, Green Plaza.

We were actually looking for any place where we could play paintball because Iman was actually dying to play paintball with her housemates (TOO). So we went treasuring all around Green Plaza however we were having a severe MELTDOWN just looking at the 'games center'. 

Obviously it was for children below 7 years old. Which means we were not so qualified due to our educated background.

In order to make use of our precious time in Alex, we ended up wandering and SHOPPING at Carrefour. Then we VISITED Cinnabon and Pizza Queen. I think so. If I'm not mistaken.

For the next 2 hours, we had a splendid time at the cinema watching a 3D movie. We chose 'Rio' and it was funny and...cute! Wonderful time and wonderful penny to spend. But we watched it anyway! I mean, when could we ever do such things again?

The end of my story of multiple yesterdays.

It was kind of nice to laugh again after feeling so hopelessly depressed.

And cause of depression was that I lost the Guardianship of my adopted miaow.

But now I'm back to adopting fish, like before. According to Mom, they are completely harmless. Rather than adopting angle fish, on the other hand, i took gold-fish this time. Their names given are Shaoran and Sakura.

 And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.
(Qur'an ash-shu'ara' 26:80)

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