Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nobody but you


I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life...lalalalala


Now, I don't know whether you know it, but I have a new pet. And it is a cat. It is not so little tom, with fine big whiskers and a nice long bushy tail. So white all over and so fluffy.

Very very very playful. It runs all over my spacious room..on my desk  pretending to study, then on my keyboard replying all the instant messengers on the screen. It hops to the floor, furiously to the mirror watching his reflection wondering if there's another cat behind it. Most of the times, it sits on my super duper new printer washing his face to come out printed on a piece of paper. Next, it climbs my bed that I refused to share with, so I sacrifice my pillow to satisfy him. It curls as i take him with his pillow on my lap. It sleeps soundly.

It's a cute cat. 
I name it Winnie-the cat. 
I call it Win 
or sometimes Win Boy, 
or Winnie as the name given by me. Oh, usually I call Adik too!

I begin to like Win the first time it was sent to me. First time it stepped out his cage, into a new world of him which is a room filled with shades of violet things, that is my room, we studied one another and then I walked towards it, and it didn't blink once. Then it starts meowing. 


Hey, I like that sound!
Meow! Meow! Meow!
I actually am imitating 
how Win meows, but I guess you won't hear me anyhow.

I feed Win at least thrice a day. He does not really fancies his cat-food.  He drinks milk a lot. But when there's a piece of cheese on his side, he begins to ignore the milk. And I think it is funny!

I am so happy as I run my fingers through his soft fur. Moreover after I clean him. I bathed him a few times. He loves resting in front of the hot heater after his cold bath. But I'd rather say, he really loves the sun. He would sit wherever he could find sun-shine through my glass door. Winnie like sun bath more than water bath.

And now, I'm crying a river. Mom tells me that I used to have asthmatic attacks when I was a child. And she said it was unbearable for her if it recurs. I never know about that before. No wonder my Mom was so worried even when I was a little sick. No wonder it is so forbidden for me to step into dusty area. No wonder she kept asking if I'm OK when I seemed restless and tired, when I abnormally awoke in the middle of the night. Since, I never have attacks so I think everything is normal. 


Doushite kimi wo suki ni 
natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo 
kimi wa zutto
Kokoni iru to, 
omotette no ni 
mou kawaranai!

Life become dark and cold. I cry a river. When I pat on Win's head. When I touch his fluffy white fur. When I feed Win and it licks my finger where there is cheese residue. Even when I put it inside his cage during it's sleeping hours. 

The lacrimal gland won't stop 
my tear secretion. So, I just 
let it drains through the puncta 
to the canaliculi to the tear sac 
then down to my nose. 
The excessive tear which impossible 
to compete to puncta, runs down my cheeks.

I have to let Winnie go. Does anybody here would love to take good care of Win? Please let me know. I refuse to let Win go astray on the roads. Cause it is a nice creature that it so dear to me. I refuse to give Win to Egyptians who want cat for first time, cause I doubt their fondness to cat, unless he really has cats at home. I want to keep Win, but I love Mom. So, please let me know. Cause you are going to take good care of it, Pinky-swear?

Engkau tiba bagaikan pelangi
Tak bercahaya namun kau berseri
Tapi cukup menghiburkan hati ini
Seharian waktu bersamamu
Tak terasa saat yang berlalu
Bagai pelangi petang kau kan pasti
Pergi jua...
Pelangi Petang
Sudirman Hj. Arshad

Nobody nobody but you, Winnie- the cat!

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن تبارك وتعالى، إرحمو من في الارض، يرحمكم من في السماء 

The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful. Have mercy to those on earth, and the Lord of the Heavens will have mercy upon you.
(Narrated by Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)
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