Thursday, October 21, 2010

Direction and velocity

I meet Najwa in the afternoon, specifically during ITQAN. We exchange smiles from distance.

"Hangpa sedar tak camera hangpa tak dak? Did you realize that u lost your camera?" she ask in her Kedah accent.

"La....a'ah la! Baru kami perasaan. Ada dengan hangpa ka? Now that you mention it, did you have my camera with you?" I try to relax.

"Tak sedih ka camera tak dak? Camera hangpa ada dengan musyrif, Ustaz Bendahari. Don't you feel sad? Yours is with Ustaz Bendahari."

I actually don't realize that I lost my super-beloved-camera until she tells me that moment. If I knew that before....well, I'd be drop dead frustrated.

Then we ask for Ustaz Bendahari (I'm sorry I don't remember his real name). Luckily, he brings along that camera with him. On passing it, I can hear him saying, "Boleh pass camera ni kat Dr. Beg Pink?"

Next moment, I have my Canon Ixus in my hand.

*       *       *
There you go! Dr. Beg Pink.

For the time being, I'm feeling fortunate that that I don't wear pink outfit, but of course I wear purple. (No one else is allowed to use that shade of pink-purple, apparently. It belongs to VO.)

OK! I must admit that I'm a bit out of my mind lately. (Actually, I have the feeling that I'm floating freely.) I do have basic reasons and I'm sharing them with you:

1. I didn't finish doing my Turkey Travel '10 album like I did for my Umrah Memory '04.
2. I reached Egypt and my room is in a chaos.
3. My lappy run out of antivirus.
4. I feel like running away.
5. I really want to talk with my bestest buddy, Naim.

Just the thing is, my bestest buddy is not here with me and I have nowhere to run. Oh, dear......I do love running!

Anyway, as time passes by, I'm quite occupied. (I don't like to say, but I've just finish reading a novel, you can pretty much leave all those 'studying' thing.)

I just bought this novel. And it is cool. Twenties Girl- Sophie Kinsella. Yes, she is well-known for her.....Shopaholic series! Bought it for 3.900, Bahrain Dinar. In fact, I bought 2 novels, another one was A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern.

Since I introduce you to Twenties Girl, I'd like to quote a little part which I found expressive. (Which strucks my emotion and makes me read that significant part over and over.)

"No," I shake my head firmly.
"No way. I have to go. I have to escape."
I start heading towards the fire exit again, but Ed grabs my arm.
"No escaping," he says firmly. "No running away.
Turn the situation around. You can do it. C'mon."
Twenties Girl

Before I pen-off, would you take a look at this hadith below, please?

The Prophet p.b.u.h said in his authentic hadith, "Most evil nature in a man is stingy from the fear of poverty and flee from battlefield."

Narrated by Abu Dawood.
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