Saturday, April 24, 2010

Viva forever

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "A believer is 
like a building whose different parts 
enforce each other." The Prophet (pbuh) 
then clasped his hands with fingers 
interlaced (while saying that).

Narrated by Abu Musa.

It has been a long time since I heard 
this particularly noble hadith again. 
Somehow, it touches my feeling. I don't 
know how to describe it. But it has....
softness like silk. With warm and cool 
elements. My vision becomes blurry. 
Beads of tears start flowing over the 
corner of my corneas. Pain!

I sit on the corner of my room, a piece of photograph in my hand. Our photo when we were still young. My brother was smiling brightly. My sisters were still small and playful. I was standing behind them, the tallest at that time. I exhale heavily. Thank you, Allah for letting them live. I tell myself.

I start to question myself. Is it all right to feel all right? My life is perfect! I have my loved ones waiting for me, enough air to breath, comfortable home to live in, plenty of food to consume, safe surrounding without rain of bullets, money that could buy the world, branded clothes, latest-fashioned bags, fancy-flashy cars.....everything! Is it all right to feel all right?

MySpaceWe posses everything and capable of doing anything. We lead clubs and societies. We are educated students studying abroad. We take responsibility by being the students' committee members. We can organize events. We make everything happens. We're busy feeling so satisfied BUT, is Allah satisfied? We never forget being whatever people expect us to be, doing whatever job they need us to do, going wherever we desire to visit BUT....we always forget to be what Allah wants us to be,the JUNDULLAH!

Meditating by a quiet pond, at this very moment I tend to realize...I'm still incomplete and can never complete. I'm actually lack of something. Something very precious....

I take a closer look of the website I'm browsing currently. My heart skips a beat. I can hardly tell you that I'm OK. 

Lifeline For Gaza! 

Aren't we sharing the same sun? Aren't we sharing the same moon? Why don't we share the same love?   


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On Friday 27th Rajab 583 H, 
Salahuddin entered Jerusalem. 
After entering the city they went straight 
to the Mosque and cleaned it. 
Then for the first time in more than 80 years, 
the people of Jerusalem heard the Azan 
(call of prayer) from Al Aqsa Mosque.

Where is Salahuddin Ayyubi? Don't you dare asking me that question. The question should never be 'where' indeed it has to be 'who'. And...who wants to be the next Salahuddin Ayyubi?

Ya Falastin! 

Ya al-Aqsa!

One day, you and I will be free.

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