Saturday, October 15, 2011


Actually I want to let you know ONE thing.

Baby-Ie was admitted to hospital 
just couple of days ago. 
She undergo a surgery for 
having acute appendicitis. Alhamdulillah 
it was a successful surgery.

It happened during her last 
paper of PMR. She was trying 
hard to control her pain  
but after 15 minutes she was 
trembling with unbearable pain. 
She was brought to the hospital 
immediately and was given 
a shot of pain killer (I guess). 
After Baby was stabilized again, 
she continued her battle for her 
Arabic Language paper.

Which was fortunately her LAST but not least paper for her PMR. Nevertheless, I told her not to worry too much, BECAUSE it was just Arabic. (If I were in the situation, I'd cried my heart out too.But the only thing that matters now, to get you BETTER!)

The next night Baby had her appendectomy (appendicitis removal) surgery. I honestly thought that it would be just a simple surgery but it lasted approximately for 4 hours. And I had no idea about that.

By the time Baby went into the OT, Mom was completely restless. Plus, she didn't even eat her meals. Well, if I were to be there, I would be nervous too despite it was just a minor surgery. But alhamdulillah, Allah saved the day!

This morning, Baby regained her conciousness. 
But she still couldn't utter a word. 
She still tired. And I heard that the nurse 
who is attending Baby is having a personality complex!!  
If only I were there, no doubt I'd present 
her with a punch on her face. 
(Well..maybe a few PUNCHES.)

The humiliation is beyond repair.

It is just appencitis. And she is just a-FIFTEEN-year old girl! Seriously! 

1. Baby would always keep smiling in spite of having a tough time. 

2. She would never asked for gifts or new dresses or even money for school. 

3. Baby would greet Mom happily even when Mom was late fetching her from school when she was in primary school, despite that the school guard said she was crying because it was so so so 8.00 PM. 

4. Baby would never display her sadness, but she has a fragile heart. 

5. She LOST her father when she was just a kid!!

"So please, dreadful nurse, for once, let her feel pampered. Let her cry. Let her feel loved by just anybody. Why can't you just feel empathy towards her? You are just a bad nurse! Don't you have any sibling or POSSIBLY any kid?"

But I just said it inside my head, so no one heard it but me.

Mom was sighing. She said she would never ever let us be admitted into THAT hospital again. She told me that for her to pass another day, she felt like a YEAR!

I really feel like SHUTTING UP that nursing person!!

Demo ne, baby-chan...Along want to sing a song to you. A song that we used to enjoy together.

Aku tak ingin kau menangis bersedih
Sudahi air mata darimu
Yang aku ingin arti hadir diriku
Kan menghapus dukamu sayang
Karna bagiku kau kehormatanku
Dengarkan dengarkan aku
Hanya satu pintaku untukmu dan hidupmu
Baik baik sayang ada aku untukmu
Hanya satu pintaku di siang dan malammu
Baik baik sayang karna aku untukmu
Semua keinginan akan aku lakukan
Sekuat semampuku sayang
Karna bagiku kau kehormatanku
Dengarkan dengarkan aku

Baik-baik Sayang
Wali Band.

There is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Because Allah already promised whatever cure we needed!


And if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no remover of it except Him; and if He intends for you good, then there is no repeller of His bounty. He causes it to reach whom He wills of His servants. And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.                                                                           (Qur'an surah Yunus 10:107)
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