Monday, February 22, 2010

Turkiye: Part One

Marhaba! I've just came back from out on the town. My 5 friends and I went to Turkey with the help of Ust. Hazimin from HZ Tours. A splendid place, I recommended for you! It was a week of memorable trip. Well, to write everything (which is impossible for me) I'd rather put our trip on summary. And before I go any further, this post is also dedicated to my Turkish friend, Selime Coskun who teaches me Turkish words and phrases that helped me a lot during my trip in Turkey. Ben tesekkur ederim, dostum!

Day 1:

We arrived at Ataturk Airport as early as 0615 in the morning. It was still dark outside with cold wind. We took a tram and went Paris Hotel and Hostel in Cemberlitas to check-in. hah, our first Turkish word was 'Jeton' which means 'token'! After unpacking and changing, we went down for breakfast. Our first point was Sultan Ahmet, the Blue Mosque. It was the imperial mosque of Sultan Ahmet 1, magnificent looking with 6 minarets. Next to it, Hagia Sophia. Formerly it was Orthodox patriarchal basilica, the largest cathedral in world for nearly 1000 years till 1520 built with Byzantine architecture, Later it was converted into a mosque by the order of Sultan Mehmed 2 in 1453. That night, we went shopping at Istiklal Street. The funny thing was, everybody went shopping but no shopping except for Kak Najah. Did you know why they didn't shop? They were busy converting each Turkish Lira into Egyptian Pound and Ringgit Malaysia! LOL! "Excuse me girls, we are in Europe dear! Stop converting every cent you spent or you'll never spend anything while in Turkey!" Ahaha...that was hilarious.

Oh, we missed 'Jeton' so much!

Aya Sophia, built during Byzantine era.

Reminding us of a great victory, 1453.

 Lost in the Aya Sophia tower

Walking down the streets.

Day 2:

Around Istanbul. We visited 4 Sultans' Tombs. We went to Topkapi Palace. Oh my! Have you heard about Topkapi Palace? It was the official and primary residence in city of Ottoman Sultans for 400 years of their 600 years reign. This beautiful palace was constructed in 1459 by the order of the conqueror of Byzantine Constantinople, Sultan Mehmet 2. Inside the palace, they were so many historical materials being displayed. Among them are Turban of Prophet Joseph, Footprint of Prophet Muhammad, Swords of the companions, Beard of Prophet Muhammad and Stamp of the Prophet. Moreover, strolling around the castle yard was perfect romantic view. Well, I suggest that you have your honeymoon in Istanbul and don't forget to come to Topkapi Palace, ok! In the evening, we took a ferry ride passing Marmara Sea to Bursa. The journey from Istanbul to Bursa took 4 hours, an hour of ferry ride. Upon reaching Bursa, we checked-in in Amirhan Hotel. Oh yeah, while cruising crossing the Marmara Sea, we were busy photographing with the sea-gulls. Next time if you have the opportunity, please bring along with you some bread. Those sea-gulls will love you more than other passengers, surely!

"Sultan is the shadow of Allah on earth." Written on the Topkapi gate.

You can see the Straits of Bosphorus from the top of Topkapi Palace.

 Those are kids probably lost...aren't they?

Oooowow! Drop dead romantic spot.


Cruising the Marmara Sea.

So stingy to buy some bread!

Day 3:

The morning in Bursa is very cold and windy. We began our journey to Uludag Ski Resort as early as 0800 a.m. after taking our breakfast. We planned to go up hill by cable car but when we reached the foot of Mount Olympus, we were told that the cable car service was closed that whole day because the weather is too windy. So, as an alternative, we rent a van to the Ski Resort. Unfortunately for me, who is all ready a car-sick...crooked route made me nauseated. That was a bad memory for me and everybody too! Finally, we reached the white ground! We were welcomed by chilly wind and white snow flakes. Everybody became extremely excited and hurriedly rent the skiing set. We were tired...bumping into each other! It was hard to get up when you fall while wearing such stuffs, you know! After a few hours spending our time in the snow, we went touring around Bursa. Let me tell you special souvenirs you definitely have to buy from Bursa. The Turkey scarfs and silk scarves! Uzun Carsi and Kozahan Carsi offered you nice and good and definitely low prices of original beautiful designs scarves. At the end of the day, we boarded the bus to Konya after having a delicious dinner. Journey to Konya from Bursa took 8 hours and we spent the night on the bus's seats.

Excuse the style, will you?

This one is an adventure. You should give a try!

 Enough for snowy session.

Walk and shop...again!

Coming soon...Turkiye 2nd part! Don't miss it, all right?
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