Saturday, February 6, 2010

Otanjoubi omodetto, mama.

This morning I made another long distance phone call to home. As I was talking to my mom...

"You aren't in Turkey, are you?"
"Erm? Not yet, mom."
"Yes, I know. Your trip will be after my birthday. When is the exact date?"

Kababo! Oh my! My! My! How on earth did I forget my mom.s birthday?? She must have been waiting for my call in the past two days. I had not even sent her a birthday message, not to mention wishing her. Blush! Blush! Blush!  Oh Allah, I am so so so ashamed! Oh mama, forgive your absent minded girl...really sorry.....OKAASAAAAAN, HONTONI GOMENNE!

I regretted this so much. I forgot one of the most important dates in my life. Aaaargh! Still I can't believe it. I must have been busy taking care of too small things yet forget the big one. I should have put those dates on a big paper and paste it up on my wall. I should have made a reminder on my phone. I should have checked my planner earlier. I should have called her earlier. I should have given her a courageous message on her phone. I should have wished her that day. I should have not forgotten her special date! There's so much I didn't do and so mush regrets. I was being so careless lately.

My dear friends, let me share with you some words that we will have to remember as we journey on life's way. No matter how old our parents get, should not look them straight in the eye, walk in front of them, speak first when they are present, or walk to the right or left of them, unless they make such a request. Rather, children should walk behind their parents, just as a servant would do to his master.

Allah the Exalted said in Surah al-Israa':

And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: 'My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was young.
(Quran: 17:24)

My Queen of My Heart, I missed singing our favorite 'heart to heart' song.

Life is full of lots of up and downs,
But the distance feels further,
When it's headed for the ground,
And there's nothing more painful,
Than to let your feeling take,
You down.

It's so hard to know,
The way you feel inside,
When there's many thoughts,
And feeling that you hide,
But you might feel better,
If you let me walk with you,
By your side.

And when you need,
A shoulder to cry on,
When you need,
A friend to rely on,
And when the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause I'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be your friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone cause I'll be there.

All of the times,
When everything is wrong,
And you're feeling like,
There's no use going on,
You can't give it up,
I'll help you work it out,
And carry on.

Side by side,
With you till the end,
I'll always be the one to firmly hold your hand,
No matter what there said or done,
Our love will always continue on.

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on,
Everyone needs a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause I'll be there.

I'll be the one to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause I'll be there.

And when the whole world is gone,
You always have my shoulder to cry on. 

Selamat hari lahir, bonda tercinta.

My queen, Allah didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain. But He did promises strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way. May you be the happiest woman in the world, moreover in akhirah. And remember...WE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
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