Thursday, January 7, 2010

Officially declared, Badar 313!

Last night we had our wireless network operated, for the first time in Badar 313, our new house. Oh, by the way, we just moved in about a month ago! We are now living in Syarie’ Azhar, just a block before Syarie’ Salam, my former house. Since this is my first post after moving in, first and foremost, let me introduce my new housemates:

Iman - our Mrs. Brain
Azzahra’ - she makes the home as her ‘direct selling center’ 
Farhana - drop dead Goo Jun Pyo/Yoon Ji Hoo fan
Me - the owner of VioletOrchid

Oh, Allah! Unite us all…with eeman filling our hearts.

Next item, when we officially declared our house as Badar 313, they were amazed and sounded wows..and..oohs…’fuh-yooos’! “Why ‘Badar 313’?” that was the FAQ when they heard the name. BADAR…a name..a history of a great battle…a remarkable event in seerah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

When Prophet Muhammad arrived at this momentous decision, he called the Muhajirin and the Ansar together and placed the whole position before them,
without any reservation. This was the most memorable event that caught my heart. The companions warm assurances, the purity of their souls and the sincerity of the believers.
Miqdad bin 'Amr, a Muhajir, stood up and said:

"O Messenger of Allah! Please march to the side to which your Lord commands you; we will accompany you wherever you go. We will not say like the Israelites, 'Go and let you and your Lord fight we will wait'. In contrast to them we say, 'Let you and your Lord fight; we will fight by your side to our last breath'."

Then, Sa'ad bin Mu'az, an Ansar, stood up and said:

"Sir, it appears that you are putting the question to us." When the Holy Prophet said, "Yes", the Ansar replied, "We have believed in you and confirmed that what you have brought is the Truth, and have made a solemn pledge with you that we will listen to you and obey you. Therefore, O Messenger of Allah, do whatever you intend to do. We swear by Allah who has sent you with the Truth that we are ready to accompany you to the sea shore and if you enter it, we will plunge into it. We assure you that not a single one of us will remain behind or forsake you, for we will not hesitate at all to go to fight, even if you should lead us to the battlefield tomorrow. We will remain steadfast in the battle and sacrifice our lives in the fight. We do hope that by the grace of Allah our behavior will gladden your heart. So, trusting in Allah's blessing, take us to the battlefield."

Map of Badr, Medina and Mecca.

The day of the battle was named the Day of Criterion, Yaum al Furqaan. The first battle between the believers of truth (Islam) and the forces of evil was fought on the battle field of Badar, 60 miles from Madinah towards Makkah. On one side stood a small group of 313 men (86 Muhajirs, 62 from Aus and 170 from Khazraj) of whom only a couple of them had horses to ride and the others had to take their turn in threes and fours on the back of a camel, out of the 70 they had in all. Above all, they had not got enough weapons for the battle; merely 60 of them wore armour, while facing them was arranged an army of one thousand warriors well armed and equipped.

When the two armies confronted each other and the Holy Prophet noticed that the Quraish army outnumbered the Muslims by three to one and was much better equipped, he raised his hands up in supplication and made this earnest prayer with great humility:

"O Allah! Here are the Quraish proud of their war material: they have come to prove that Thy Messenger is false. O Allah! Now send that succor that Thou hast promised to give me. O Allah! If this little army of Thy servants is destroyed, then there will be left none in the land to worship Thee."

Subhanallah wa Allahu akbar! The point here is that the believers had the strength of their Faith in Allah and His Prophet. In this combat the emigrants from Makkah were put to the hardest test for they had to fight against their own near and dear relatives and put to the sword their fathers, their sons, their paternal and maternal uncles and their brothers. This was indeed a very hard test for it meant that a small town with a population of a few thousand inhabitants was going to wage a war with the whole of Arabia. It is obvious that only such people could take this bold step who believed in the Truth of Islam so firmly that they were ready to sacrifice every personal interest for its sake. They knew that Truth must prevail and falsehood must be destroyed. Thus it was this very Faith which brought about the Miracle and Truth did triumph. Indeed it was one of the most momentous battles in the history of mankind. The battle became a turning point in the history of Islam.

Last but not least, we wish by naming our new home as ‘Badar 313’ we will try our best to be like them, to follow their footsteps and to be the core of the present Islamic generations. And for you, my honorable visitors, I really hope that you will join us together, be prepared for tomorrow because the world will count on us soon!

The Battle-field of Badar, may He always blessed the Ahl Badr.

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