Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hide and seek

It's been a while I haven't post something here. I'm still in Malaysia, by the way. Yeah, you know...enjoying my so-called-holiday...tasting hometown's cuisines...visiting teachers and relatives...having fun under the sun and not to forget the sea! We collect a lot of...'remis' some kind of animal that i don't know it's name in English. There are so much of theme by the seashore and you can simply collect them without having to dig the shore. They say that those 'remis' are having 'headache' and float because of the earthquake in Padang. Believe it or not, it's up to you! After all, Allahu a'lam.

But believe me, IT'S LOVELY! What else do you need than having your loved ones by you side? They make me feel all right. They make me feel wanted. It is just a bond that would never break, biiznillah. Spending about one month at home, with mama (Cik Yah sends you her regards!) and Mat Wey and Wanie and Leilin and Big never going to be enough. A moment with each of them is the moment I treasure. Thank you Allah, The Merciful.

We sing lively, we laugh out loud, we joke silly jokes and we get angry with each other. Funny and sweet! We even play hide and seek. A game that you used to play when you were in kindergarten. The game that we like so much and usually lasts for a few rounds. But with a condition, we have to play hide and seek at night, in the pitch dark. Very exciting and...well...challenging! Yeah, why not? The seeker has to look for the other members with the whole house lights off, except the kitchen...where no one will be a fool hiding in there.

I even knock my head a few times while hiding under the table. Ouch, that sounds a little awful! We hide behind the curtain, behind doors, in between sofas, inside cupboards...everywhere! Hiding with Baby-E is suck! Ha ha ha..sorry dear! She won't want to hide in different room from you. She says that if she do so, she won't has a company. Gosh, Bee! It is always a clue for the seeker: Where there's Baby-E, there's a partner! And another thing is, we always bump into each other and end up with screams likewise we are on a rollercoaster ride... to say it more you see a ghost.

"A family is like a team. We have to be united. Evil can only harm who stands far away from our love. May Allah protects all of you, my children from those things," her reminding words speak.

Just like a hadith from the Messenger, “None of you are believers unless you love for your brother/sister what you love for yourself.”

But sometimes we overlook our blood brothers and sisters as we dish out our love. We can get so caught up trying to show how righteous we are that we miss the point of what righteousness is. Maintaining love and relations with our blood relatives is a very important part of our religion. Allah, The Almighty, has put blood relations pretty much at the top of the list in importance. Some erroneously think our non-Muslim relatives don’t count.

A famous author coined the phrase,
“home is the place where when you have to go there, they have to take you in."

There is not another human being in the world that will go to the end of the earth with you. Sometimes your family members, no matter how estranged, are the only people you can count on in time of need. No one else fits that bill. Your friends and acquaintances will sympathize with you and probably make du’a for you; but that’s about as far as it goes. They don’t have to take you in and probably won’t.

My family and I have a great time together. For you out there, wherever you come from, whatever you family background is, how small/big your family is, just spend some time and treasure your members.
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